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Covid-19 Update In Practice

Please be assured that David Austen Optometry take the health and safety of our patients and staff very seriously.
To alleviate any concerns you may have, we’d like to explain what we have put into place

  • We ask all patients to remain at home if they have symptoms of Coronavirus and to call the practice to rearrange their appointments.
  • Entry to the practice is by appointment only, therefore please call before visiting us. If you require contact lenses, solutions, eyedrops etc we can then arrange a time and have them ready for you when you come to collect.
  • On arriving at the practice, you will no longer be able to walk straight in. A new door lock has been added which requires a staff member to press a key fob in order for the door to unlock.
  • Screens have been erected on the reception desk to enable social distancing between reception staff and patients however we do still ask that you wear a mask on entering the practice. If you don’t have a mask, one can be provided for you.
  • Touch-free hand sanitiser stations are available throughout the practice and on entry you will be asked to use the station in front of the reception desk. Staff constantly use these during the day and please feel free to use them yourself when you feel it necessary.
  • You will notice the seating area looks different, in that the leather sofa and chairs have been removed and single chairs with a covering that can be easily wiped down are now available. On arrival you will be directed to a specific chair in order to minimise contact with other patients.
  • All staff now wear uniforms that can be washed at high temperatures and when doing your visual field tests, pressures etc they will wear single use aprons and gloves as well as a mask/face shield on top of the uniform. This will ensure that contamination is kept to a minimum.
  • The staff clean down equipment such as the visual field units and Optomap between each use, so you can be safe in the knowledge that when you enter the room the machines are clear of any contamination.
  • When your Optometrist comes down to lead you up to their clinic room, you will notice they won’t sit as close to you whilst updating your records – screens and keyboards have been set up so that sufficient distance is kept between you. The Optometrist will be wearing a disposable apron and gloves as well as a mask for when they need to get closer than the 1-2 metre distance outlined by the government, in order to complete your eye examination.
  • If you are looking for a new pair of spectacles, when you come down from your eye examination you will be asked to sit in a different area where measurements for you new spectacles can be taken. Again, the staff member will put on a new apron and gloves as well as their mask/visor to do this.
  • Any frames you try will be kept to one side on a tray, along with the equipment used when measurements are taken. These will then be cleaned before they can be used for the next patient. This makes sure that the equipment is kept clean and any possible contaminant has been eliminated.
  • You will notice there are plenty of wipes around the practice for staff to use for cleaning equipment, frames etc. These wipes are those used by the NHS in their hospitals and are fully compliant with government guidance.
  • Where possible, we ask that payment be made via card, to avoid the handling of cash. Payment can either be taken when you get home after your appointment, by calling the practice and paying over the phone or using the card machine at the practice.

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